Dried Bubble Gum

Hemp has been used in herbalism and unconventional medicine for ages. The plant owes its beneficial effects to the presence of the cannabinoid & oacute; w & ndash; natural compounds with a number of health-promoting properties. Cannabis supporters can choose from a multitude of varieties with varying therapeutic concentrations of CBD and different aromas. One of the most appreciated varieties is Bubble dries Gum .

Candy Gum & ndash; feel the difference!

We have no doubt that dry Bubble Gum will appeal to all fans of sweets! Large, dense flowers covered with numerous trichomes give off a characteristic aroma with dominant sweet and fruity notes. Drought made from feminized hemp flowers of this variety contains as much as 5.4% CBD. Thanks to the high concentration of cannabidiol, Candy Gum is often used to relieve stress and nervous tension. Numerous studies prove that CBD can aid the treatment of some diseases (e.g. cancer, drug-resistant epilepsy), has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, and increases appetite.

Is it safe?

Dried Bubble Gum contains only trace amounts of THC & ndash; the substance responsible for the intoxicating effects of marijuana. Contrary to cannabis, the dried hemp offered by the store does not exhibit psychoactive effects, does not intoxicate you and does not cause adverse reactions. According to the regulations in force in Poland, the concentration of THC in dried Candy Gum does not exceed 0.2%.

Bet on quality

The Sativa store is appreciated by the greatest connoisseur of natural herbal medicine. Dried Candy Gum , like products from other varieties, is made from female fiber hemp grown on ecological plantations. Grown in a controlled environment, hemp is free from pesticides and herbicides. Importantly, the hemp from which dried Bubble Gum is made is grown indoors, which allowed to minimize contact with the plants with harmful factors that could reduce the quality of the final product.

Bubble Gum

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