CBD Diesel Skunk

Hemp has been of interest to scientists for years. Numerous studies prove that the ingredients they contain have a number of health-promoting properties. CBD-rich drought, i.e. cannabidiol, is often used by people struggling with insomnia, anxiety, depression or epilepsy. The intensity of the action of a given variety depends largely on the concentration of CBD. We present CBD Diesel Skunk & ndash; high-quality dried hemp flowers.

Dried CBD Diesel Skunk for health and well-being

You value intense sensations? Then we have no doubts: CBD Diesel Skunk will not disappoint you. A dark green dried fruit with a characteristic appearance has a full, extremely intriguing aroma. The strong aroma is dominated by earthy notes. They are broken by a slight floral aroma. Diesel Skunk contains approximately 4.7% CBD.

CBD Diesel Skunk , like other hemp products featured in our virtual store, contains trace amounts of THC. According to Polish law, the amount of a psychoactive substance does not exceed 0.2%, so cannabis is not addictive and does not have a psychoactive effect. Their sale, purchase and use is completely legal and safe.

Sativa & ndash; we focus on quality

CBD Diesel Skunk is made from indoor cannabis. In sustainable crops, plants are isolated from harmful external factors (water, UV radiation, pollution, frost), which could have a negative impact on their quality. All plants are pesticide and herbicide free. When you buy dried fruit with the Sativa logo, you can be sure that you get a product of an uncompromising standard. A carefully trimmed dried fruit is seedless. Selected flowers are tightly closed in packages containing 0.3 g, 1 g, 2 g or 4.2 g of dried material. Each plant is tested in independent units. Certificates confirm the CBD content of each product.

Diesel Skunk

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HERBS FOR A GOOD MOOD  100 capsules x 5 mg CBD (1) (1)
HERBS FOR A GOOD MOOD 100 capsules x 5 mg CBD (1) (1)


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