Fenix MINI PLUS - Portable herb vaporizer

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Portable, convection vaporizer for herbs


The latest version of the iconic Fenix mini! Fenix mini+ with USB Type-C now available.

Fenix MINI+ is a light and modern vaporizer characterized by high quality materials used in its production. The herb is heated in a hybrid way, with an emphasis on convection, i.e. heating with hot air, compared to conduction, i.e. heating from the walls of the chamber. In the latest version, convection is even more optimized.

The device has a clear OLED display on the top that displays information about the battery level, operating temperature and time remaining until the end of the session.

The heating chamber is made of durable and high-quality materials, thanks to which the user can enjoy longer and more comfortable sessions, which translates into savings in herb expenses.

The vaporizer has a matte, elegant black casing and its size remains the same as the previous version.

The most important changes compared to the previous version:

  • Wider temperature range: 120 - 221 °C
  • Improved airflow
  • Vibration alert
  • USB Type C charging which gives shortened charging time!
  • Insulated air channel


Fenix MINI+ plus - package contents

  • Fenix MINI+ Vaporizer device;
  • USB Type-C cable for charging the battery;
  • a spare gasket with a strainer;
  • tweezers;
  • quartz cartridge for vaporizing concentrates;
  • herb tamper;
  • cleaning brush;
  • user manual

How to use Fenix MINI+ plus?

In Fenix MINI, the heating system has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The heater is mounted below the herbs and oils chamber, and air is drawn inside through holes at the bottom of the housing. The air is then heated by the heater and flows through the chamber, combining the best features of both methods of heating herbs. The latest version, Fenix MINI+, has improved air flow, which allows for thicker and better vapor.

The vaporization process is simple and involves placing medium-ground herb in the chamber, pressing the button five times, setting the desired temperature and breathing for a few seconds while inhaling. After vaporization, the device should cool down and be cleaned. It is recommended that novice users start with lower temperatures and gradually increase them.

Charging tips

The new Fenix mini+ model has charging via a USB Type-C port, which allows for a fast charger. This technology also allows you to check the battery status without having to turn it on. The manufacturer decided to use a non-removable, lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh. In standard use, it allows you to work for 50 minutes, which is a good result considering the size of the device. The included USB Type-C cable allows you to charge the battery using a laptop or power bank. The battery will charge quickly.

Fenix MINI+ - what to avoid?

Fenix MINI+ is easy to use and durable, which is why it is one of the vaporizers that lasts longer. For the device to function smoothly, use it as intended and avoid getting it dirty. Regularly checking the strainer and filters will allow you to enjoy reliable operation of the vaporizer for a longer time. Please remember that the vaporizer is intended only for use with herbs and concentrates. The use of CBD oil is strictly prohibited because it is a cooking oil-based extract and its use in a vaporizer can cause serious health problems such as lung disease.


Fenix MINI+ - cleaning

To thoroughly clean Fenix MINI+, wait until the device cools down before cleaning. It is recommended to use 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the heating chamber and the entire path that water vapor takes before leaving the device. In order to reach hard-to-reach places, it is worth using a cotton bud, which, after dipping in ISO and drying with a paper towel, should be gently wiped away. Filters, strainers and mouthpiece are most susceptible to dirt and require proper care to avoid clogging the strainer and reducing the effectiveness of the device. Use isopropyl alcohol only in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors and stay away from sources of ignition as it is extremely flammable and volatile. After cleaning, allow Fenix MINI+ to evaporate any remaining alcohol, which may take several hours. Before next use, set the maximum temperature to remove any cleaning agent residues.

Fenix mini+ plus - what temperature should I set?

The latest version of the temperature control system allows you to smoothly adjust it by one degree in the range from 120 to 221°C. Heating is quick and the device is ready for use in just 30 seconds. Extending the temperature range allows you to use more different herbs in the Fenix MINI+ model.


Fenix MINI+ - advantages

The value for money of Fenix MINI+ is exceptional and makes it very popular among CBD herb lovers. This is also influenced by its advantages, such as:

durable construction, safe heating chamber made of anodized aluminum, easy and intuitive operation (only 3 buttons and a display), smooth temperature regulation, convection-conduction heating system, high quality, density and size of clouds, added vibration to facilitate the vaporization process, small size ensuring discretion , optimal battery life, fast charging time thanks to USB-C, high resolution display, rich vapor flavor and improved airflow.


Fenix MINI PLUS - technical specifications



5 x 8 x 2,5 cm


150 g





Chamber Capacity

0,15 g


120 do 221 °C

Heating Chamber



1600 mAh

Replaceable battery







Kit Contents

▪ Fenix MINI+ vaporizer
▪ USB Type-C cable
▪ Spare seal with strainer
▪ Tweezers
▪ Quartz cartridge for vaporization of concentrates ▪ Herb tamper
▪ Cleaning brush
▪ User manual

The device is not intended for vaporization of tobacco and tobacco products.

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