Odorless glass container with HERO hygrometer - 100 ml

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HERO - Your best way to store herbs


The most important features of the HERO odorless container:

Material - biophotonic glass

Electronic humidity and temperature indicator

Volume - 100 ml

Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Capacity - about 5 grams of dried herbs

BOVEDA 62% humidity regulator included

Spare battery included


To turn on the hygrometer, you need to hold the on/off button

The odorless HERO container with a hygrometer is essential equipment for both hemp and all other herb enthusiasts. Thanks to its advanced design that protects herbs from air, our container maintains the freshness and aroma of your favorite dried herb for a long time. Regardless of whether you use dried hemp for medical or recreational purposes, our product ensures the highest quality, protecting the valuable ingredients of your plants.

The latest addition from the HERO brand is the result of continuous efforts to improve the storage of dried hemp. The innovative design not only minimizes the risk of drying out or excessive moisture, but also provides optimal conditions for long-term storage. Thanks to the HERO container, you can be sure that your herbs are under the best care.



The integrated hygrometer built into the HERO container is not only an additional function - it is a key element ensuring perfect storage conditions for your herbs. Thanks to the built-in hygrometer, you can track the humidity inside the container in real time, giving you full control over the storage environment of your favorite herbs. Storing herbs at the right humidity is crucial to maintaining their quality and effectiveness. The built-in HERO hygrometer allows you to constantly monitor humidity, which helps avoid the risk of over-drying, which can lead to loss of aroma and properties, and excessive moisture, which can promote mold growth and spoilage of the contents.



The special design of the container eliminates unwanted odors, which allows the herbs to retain their authentic aroma for a long time. The odorless system in HERO containers is a comprehensive solution that effectively blocks the penetration of unwanted aromas into the container. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your herbs will retain their original aroma.

Thanks to the odorless HERO container, you can enjoy the long-lasting freshness of your dried hemp or other herbs without worrying about loss of aroma or quality. The HERO container not only protects the contents against undesirable odors, but also provides optimal storage conditions that keep herbs fresh and aromatic for a long time.

The HERO odorless container is also an ideal solution for people who want the smell of the contents of the container not to escape. Thanks to the tightness of the container, you can remain discreet and not worry about the smell escaping.



The special biophotonic purple glass used in the odorless HERO hygrometer container provides reliable protection for your herbs. Thanks to its unique filtration ability, biophotonic purple glass provides comprehensive protection against harmful UV radiation, which can lead to the degradation of active ingredients. This means that your herbs are safe and retain their original potency for a long time. UV radiation can lead to loss of aroma, flavor and effectiveness of your herbs. Thanks to the use of biophotonic glass in the HERO container, you can be sure that your herbs will remain fresh and effective even after a long period of storage.



Boveda is a company specializing in the production of humidity regulators, which are widely used for storing various products that require a constant level of humidity. Boveda humidity controllers are distinguished by their effectiveness and ease of use. They work on the principle of double-acting humidity control, which means they can add moisture to the air when it is too low and absorb excess moisture when it is too high. Thanks to this, they are able to maintain a stable humidity level inside a closed container, which is crucial for the proper storage of many products, including dried hemp.



HERO odorless containers are available in three sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. Thanks to this, you can choose a container perfectly suited to your needs.

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