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Feeling tired, excess responsibilities, paralyzing stress, insomnia, bothersome b & oacute; le head & hellip; Each of us has to face many ailments and challenges every day, which can lower our well-being. We can improve the quality of our lives in many ways. One of them is the incorporation of hemp products into your everyday life. Do you want to take care of your body and mind in a gentle and safe way? Then meet CBD Harlequin & ndash; top quality hemp drought!

CBD Harlequin & ndash; get the best from nature

Harlequin is a cannabis seed variety. It is cultivated indoors, which allows to protect the plant against the adverse effects of harmful external factors. What makes CBD Harlequin different from other strains? The advantage of the plant is its rich, full aroma with a clearly perceptible scent of citrus and delicately piercing floral and berry notes. The pale green inflorescences contain an abundance of trichomes rich in valuable cannabinoids and terpenes & ndash; substances responsible for the health-promoting properties of hemp. Harlequin flowers contain approximately 4.7% CBD.

The THC content does not exceed 0.2%. You can be sure that the drought will not make you addicted or intoxicated. Due to the trace amounts of the psychoactive substance, the purchase and use of dried hemp is 100% legal.

Dried Harlequin & ndash; Sativa online shop

Why is it worth choosing our Harlequin drought? The Sativa online store offers its customers wholesome products based on absolute standards. Before the hemp comes into your hands in the form of dried seeds, it is carefully cultivated in ecological European plantations. We do not accept artificial additives & ndash; our clients receive products made of plants free from any chemicals. Before drying, the hemp flowers are carefully trimmed and seeded. CBD Harlequin is available in several variants with different grammages (packages containing 0.3 g, 1 g, 2 g or 4.2 g of raw material are available for sale).


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Storz&Bickel MIGHTY - herb vaporizer


HERBS FOR A GOOD MOOD  100 capsules x 5 mg CBD (1) (1)
HERBS FOR A GOOD MOOD 100 capsules x 5 mg CBD (1) (1)


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